The Final Outcome
One last final breath, a last and final calling. A criss-crossing pattern of repeated messages. Glorious images of youth slowly become bound by the relentless energy of age and resistance. The body makes this inevitable and permanent decay the one true mission it approaches with an almost perfect and acrimonious zeal.
Our hands are tied and our thoughts powerless in the burning bright light of acceptance. We must without question fall into line and make our moment of surrender an act of courage and dignity. The negation of philosophy and belief systems must allow us to stand tall in celebration of our own identity. The flawless and intimate divisions that bind us to the chemical power house that is the finite physical moment in which we choose to exist, must become our most precise and clearly defined pursuit.
These are the battles that must be fought for and ultimately won if we are to find and correct our permanent search for the acceptance of self. To do this we must re appraise the past, examine the abject futility of our existence and rearrange the cold and isolated ghosts of human history.
Let us stand united in the unknown hour of the final outcome. Praising the evolutionary acceptance of death as the great concept of truth in nature.
Jan 2008


Undone by the Unfortunate Hand Of Time

We are nothing more than casual observers constantly wishing for our eternal angel of time to release us from the indifferent moment of our existence. Bathing us in the brilliant light of the perfect and idealised connection. We attempt to find the pathway that leads us to this never ending and delusional mirage.

Cross-referencing the physical codes becomes our ultimate objective. Pleasing ourselves with moments of denial becomes the doorway to our own ignorance. New technologies only allow us to see the imprint and hear the echoes of our own often solitary journey.

We constantly attempt to forge a line of resistance to the broken bonds of time. Attempting to repair the indifferent lines of communication, we invent a place where every waking moment rises like a monument to perfection. But this is the land of broken dreams and a forgery of emotion. Swathes of mistrust slowly begin to blind us to the inevitable outcome, hostile navigation and thoughtless anger allows us reinstate our pointless version of self-belief.

We construct these sentences like tombstones with a mixture of serenity and affection. An act of self-preservation that keeps the emotions sterile and the questioning thought process numbed.

This leads us blindly into our cold yet imperious vision. A place where the weak and muted efforts of the most simple and pleasing of emotions attempts to reconcile itself with the actions casually taken against the isolated voice of another.

December 2007



Futility and Conformist Thinking

There is nothing here but futile silence and the beginnings of a half imagined story of fallen angels, missed opportunities and lost and bitter tasting half-truths.

An idiosyncratic Orwellian nightmare of change . A place where the voices of dissent are held sacred and in high order and esteem .
Individuality and rebellion become the cause celebre . There are more questions than answers . No solutions are offered . Only the questioning of accepted thought, morality and organised philosophy politics and religion

The confines of learned thinking and acceptance are rejected . In order to evolve and finally reach something approaching our true and universal potential. The meanderings of the physical mind must fall In order to begin the slow process of mutation to our higher physical and spiritual form.

This development can only begin to take place by the closing down of the external voices . The kinetic interference of our man made Electro magnetic nightmare. Our mind numbing information overload continues to stupefy and make dumb the sprawling mass of human ants.

We celebrate mediocrity, banality, and abject conformity. We ridicule and attempt to sterilise the free thinkers, the non conformist the shining stars of dissent, and then question and wonder in blind and stupid ignorance at the continuing degeneration of everything we claim to hold sacred.

We condemn all around us with our blinkerd and one-dimensional thinking . Forcing all into an emotional straight jacket . Placing ourselves in an all consuming war of attrition with the inner and the outward self.