Where are the invisible people?
The ghosts of Santiago
Our workers have faith in destiny

Let us build a better more just society

But where are the people?
The thinkers
And the singer,
with his most holy of songs

Here are the tears
Falling upon the fields of celebration

Fall now great heroic people
Fall at the feet of the predator
The ones who were taught
At the school of the Americas

The people cry out for Salvador Allende
By the wall at Villa Grimaldi

Sing out now Victor
With your blooded hands and broken bones

We shall deliver your shattered body
To your grieving wife
As she mourns for you
Still awaiting your safe return

We have silenced your voice
But still you cry out,
Still you cry out in song

The bullets jar your body
But still your voice will not be silenced

The people still speak out your name
In the streets and in the stadiums
Among the fallen ghosts of Santiago